Lance R. Marshall - Director/Writer

Aidan Schultz-Meyer - Director of Photography

Oscar Redman - Editor

Collen Doyle - Gaffer

Humberto Guzman - Still Photography

Bernard Zeiger - Best Boy Grip

Erminia Stramandinoli - Head of Makeup Dept

Doris Moore - Wardrobe

James Oxford - Executive Producer

Ashton Martini - Producer

Ryan Jones - Producer

La Mancha Films - Producer

Lance R. Marshall (Wes) - Creativity is just as important to the life of Lance as food or water. It feeds him in a way that nothing else can.  It has shaped Lance‚Äôs life starting in his childhood where he spent numerous hours a day on a trampoline acting out his favorite cartoons and movies with is own new creative twist added to them. Then continuing on into his adult life where he performed in countless plays at theaters in Texas and New York and later switching gears to films. Lance thrives off the energy he gets from working with other creative talent,  like the dynamic team for 'The Demon Deep in Oklahoma'.
Carter Burch (Tommy) - "the most daring, patient, relentlessly consistent, unforgivable bad ass actor you will ever work with....or regretfully reject," is how Carter Burch wants to be known in his trade. He joyfully committed to this project for one, and only one, true reason, that reason being he saw his own determined soul when looking into the eyes of another. Trust, Dare, Love and Freedom are what bleed beyond this mid-western boy's bones. Thank you to those who've given love & support since way back when in NY! Enjoy the show!
Shannon Beeby (Katie) - Growing up on the Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida, and persuading the neighborhood kids to partake in weeks long improvised dramas, Shannon knew from a very young age that her calling was to "play make believe". After graduating with a BFA in Acting from the Conservatory of the University of Central Florida, she honed in on her attraction to film and moved to Brooklyn with her fellow actor husband, Ryan. Shannon has been a part of numerous short films screened at festivals internationally, and takes great joy in the collaborative and communal experience of film-making. Shannon studies dance, and loves improvised composition - aka. " Let Go, and let it Flow!!"